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How To Make Money Selling Drugs


A provocative feature documentary that offers a glimpse into the lives of those on both sides of the “war on drugs.” The film reveals how public policy and government drug enforcement have struggled to creatively adapt to and effectively disincentivize Americans from dealing drugs.


Features Woody Harrelson, Susan Sarandon, Eminem, The Wire producer David Simon, 50 Cent, Arianna Huffington, infamous drug kingpin “Freeway” Rick Ross, and top-ranking government officials from the U.S. Drug Czar to the Drug Enforcement Agency
Tribeca Success
One of Tribeca Film's most successful documentaries to date and one of its most successful VOD titles
Theatrically distributed by Tribeca Film and Lightning Entertainment, 2013


Won the International Documentary Association's
Creative Recognition Award for Best Writing
Audience Rating
"The biggest movie of the summer isn’t Man of Steel, or The Lone Ranger, or Fast & Furious 6. It’s ... How to Make Money Selling Drugs. Now, when I say “biggest,” I’m not talking about budget size or box office receipts — I’m talking impact and importance. But the reason the film truly feels like a blockbuster is that you can’t leave the theater without being shocked and outraged by what you’ve seen. Even if you go in feeling like you’re well-versed in the insanity of the drug war, you’ll walk out stunned. See this powerful film, it will motivate you to take action"
"Though it begins as a slick, tongue-in-cheek guide to successful dope dealing…, How to Make Money Selling Drugs masterfully evolves into something far more vital, cogent and impressive"
"Persuasive, possessive and powerful, you’ll feel like you’ve had a shot of nasal gold dust after just five minutes and the highs keep coming"

By Birmingham Mail
"This lively and engaging [film] may be set out like an infomercial, but it teaches us about the drug trade with a pungent sting in its tail. ... It’s a strong statement, made with passion, intelligence and a refreshing lack of political correctness"

By Contact Music