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The lives of two families become fatefully intertwined following an impulsive business deal and a tragic hit- and-run accident.


Emmy and Golden Globe Nominated Liev Schreiber, Oscar Winner Marisa Tomei, Golden Globe Nominated Peter Sarsgaard, break-out star Maya Hawke (Stranger Things), Emmy Award Nominated Paul Sparks, Alex Wolff (Hereditary) and Betty Gabriel (Get Out)
Premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival (2019)
Acquisition by Universal Pictures 2020 global, theatrical release
“Strong performances filled with emotional intensity, builds to an explosive revelatory conclusion as a slow burn, keeping one on the edge of their seat the entire time as each new perspective of the story unfolds.”

By Elias Entertainment
“Human Capital is a fantastic study of people being pushed to their limits, not just financial, but emotional and social.”
“Human Capital Is An Intriguing Exercise In Hubris And Deceit"
By Simon Thompson
“Stunning” “Steady and Effective” “It’s a satisfying drama with consistently strong performances that straddle indie and mainstream with confidence.”