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The film centers around 14-year-old Kris (Amber Havard), who, after trashing her neighbor's house in a fit of youthful defiance, seems destined to follow in her mother's footsteps to the state penitentiary. To make amends, she is forced to help Abe Turner (Rob Morgan), an ex-bull rider scraping by on the Texas rodeo circuit, with errands at home and at his work. While traveling with Abe, she discovers a passion for bull riding. Yet, as Kris sets out to learn the dangerous sport, bad influences lure her back into delinquent ways. Meanwhile, Abe struggles with the aches and pains of growing older and aging out of the only life he has ever known. Together, Kris and Abe forge an unexpected connection, helping each other see new possibilities and hope for the future before it’s too late.


Starring Rob Morgan, Amber Havard & Yolonda Ross
Acquisition by Sony Worldwide
May 1, 2020 Global Release
Top 20
best films at Cannes Festival according to Critics


Premiered at Cannes Film Festival in the 'Un Certain Regard' section
Won the Louis Roederer Foundation Revelation Prize at the Deauville Film Festival, 2019 Won the Critics Prize at the Deauville Film Festival, 2019 Won the Grand Prize at the Deauville Film Festival, 2019
2020 SXSW Special Jury Recognition for Acting: Rob Morgan
Nominated for Three IFP Gotham Awards
Best Cinematography
Best Male Lead
Director to Watch Award
Critic Rating
“Review: 'Bull' Is A Raw, Rich And Realistic Slice Of American Life”
By Simon Thompson
“Bull is a movie you probably won’t be expecting, but it is one that you should be ready for. It’s not often that a piece of cinema like this comes along, something so simply composed and precise, that it is genuinely affecting. It’s a masterstroke that will leave audiences as broken as they will be hopeful.”
‘Bull’ Review: A Broken Rider, a Lost Teen and an Unlikely Friendship
By David Fear
“A dual character study of a rodeo legend on his last legs and an at-risk 14-year-old girl showcases one of the great screen performances of the year.”