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Directed by Academy Award Winner Roger Ross Williams

The Apollo

Directed by Academy Award Winner Roger Ross Williams


The Apollo is more than simply a chronicle of groundbreaking achievements from African-American performers and public figures. The film tells the story of a community and a culture created through hard work and creativity, determined to survive and flourish against all odds, and embodying the most American of values of hope, possibility, and opportunity.


Angela Bassett, Patti LaBelle, Jamie Foxx, Ta-Nehisi Coats and Pharrell Williams
Opened the Tribeca Film Festival, 2019
Sold to HBO in a record deal


2020 Prime Time Emmy Winner for Best Documentary
Shortlisted for the Oscars, 2020
IDA Award Nominee
Critic Rating
Audience Rating
“Review: Harlem’s cathedral of culture ‘The Apollo’ stands the test of time”
By Robert Abele
“[E]ssential history and quintessential performance expertly woven together to remind us what lasting, vibrant artistry and community looks like.”
"This is one of the best docs I've seen this year." - Lael Loewenstein
"This documentary is an absolute must see for history and music buffs alike." - Lana Stanczak
"The Apollo feels like both a necessary lesson and a gift." - Leah Greenblatt